Saturday, June 3, 2017

Just me and my gal...

If we could only see into the future.  Today, Sherri and I are looking back into the past and celebrating 45 years together.  It's been quite a trip.  Meeting each other in high school, getting married so young (now we know why our parents were so concerned), pursuing careers, raising kids, using our gifts where they could be used best, Sherri in teaching future nurses and me proclaiming God's Word in parish ministry, spoiling grandkids and thinking about retirement and what those years will look like.  God blessed me with a loving, supportive, compassionate wife.  And even though she recently spent 11 days in the hospital, Sherri's home now and we'll have a fine celebration today (even if it will be a little low key).

Join us this weekend for worship at Life in Christ.  Saturday services take place at 5 pm; Sunday worship happens at 8 and 11 am.  It's Pentecost Sunday and I will try to explain why Pentecost is such a big deal.  I hope you'll be there!