Monday, July 7, 2014

The summer reading list

I was looking at the New York Times mobile app on my phone and discovered an article regarding the summer reading lists of famous, high profile people.  A lot of heavy weight reading going on there.  Makes me kind of ashamed to share my list with you.  It's not so impressive.  But I'm not that ashamed because here it is:

"Murder Being Once Done" by Ruth Rendell.  I began reading the detective fiction of PD James years ago and it was from her that I discovered Rendell.  I love her Inspector Wexford mysteries.  Reading her books is like taking a trip to London.  If you like mysteries, you'll love Rendell.

"Revolution in the Head" by Ian MacDonald.  There have been a number of books written by folks trying to dissect  the songs of the Beatles.  Beatles fans in the know continually recommend MacDonald's book.  I read the preface to the second revised edition over the weekend and I'm already hooked.  I understand he takes a pretty objective look at each song, not afraid to criticize bad lyrics or a lousy tune.

"One to One Bible Reading" by David Helm.  What is the best way for a Christian to reach out to a non-believer or a seeker? Helm suggests that sitting down one to one and reading through the Scriptures is the best way to introduce a person to Jesus.  He makes a pretty compelling case.

Of course, I'll be doing my "Treasuring God's Word" devotional reading and I'll read a Richard Lauserdorf's devotional book as well.  I'd love to read more but life is pretty busy at the moment.  This list should keep me going until fall.

What are you reading? Send me an email at and let me know if you've got any recommendations.  My wife once asked me, "How many books do you need?"  My answer: "Just one more."