Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A fisherman talks about hope

According to author Paul Quinnett, you can learn a lot about Christian hope from talking with a fisherman.

Quinnett writes: Fishing is hope experienced.  To be optimistic in a slow bite is to thrive on hope alone.  When asked, "How can you fish all day without a hit?" the true fisherman replies, "Hold it! I think I felt something."  If the line goes slack, he says, "He'll be back!"

When it comes to the human spirit, hope is everything.  Without hope, there is no yearning, no desire for a better tomorrow, and no belief that the next cast will bring the big strike.

Quinnett is right, of course.  It is impossible to live without hope.  Think about the man whom we sometimes call "Father Abraham."  The man had every reason to give up.  He had been promised by God that Sarah would bear for him a child.  Years and years he waited but that happy day never arrived.  Still, Abraham's faith never wavered.  "Against all hope" he trusted God's Word.  The more impossible his situation seemed, the more Abraham believed the Word of promise.

Our hope for daily living, our hope for eternity is rooted in God's precious Word.  Sometime today I hope you have the chance to grab your Bible and your Treasures Notebook (see blog entry for Jan. 6) and take some quiet and unhurried time to dig into the Scriptures.  Read carefully.  Ponder deeply.  God has a Word of hope for you!