Friday, January 17, 2014

Is It Friday Already?

Whew! Where has this week gone?

In spite of my vow that I was going to slow down my life in 2014, this week seemed to move at a pace just slightly slower than the speed of light.

OK, an exaggeration for sure.  Still, there were a couple of crisis to deal with on Tuesday.  There were several services, Bible studies, phone calls, appointments and a Board meeting on Wednesday.  There was the long day at the hospital with one of our dearest saints, followed up by a time of listening and prayer with one of our dearest friends on Thursday.

Today? Another hospital visit or two, ministry at a care facility that takes place once a month, a meeting with a person interested in our church, a music practice and somewhere during the day a moment or two to consider a sermon.

Sorry to whine.  In many ways it has been a very good week.  I've had many opportunities to shepherd the flock here in this place.  Prayers have been offered.  The Word of God has been read and heard and received.  Those are, indeed, the best times in ministry for me.

But I haven't had nearly enough time to treasure and ponder God's Word on my own.  I haven't had time to let the Holy Spirit teach me the Word.  I want to draw nearer to the Lord by hearing and reflecting on His Scriptures. 

The house is quiet right now.  Time to quit writing and start reading and pondering God's Word to me for today.

May Lord bless and be with you.  And may you have some time today to spend with the God who loves you.