Monday, November 17, 2014

The Good Stuff from Yesterday

Every Sunday brings with it lots of good stuff.  God never fails to deliver His gifts of grace in worship.  Forgiveness for our sins, power for daily living as the Holy Spirit works through Word and Sacraments and the joy of fellowship with people who share something in common - faith in Jesus Christ as the only Savior needed for salvation and eternal life.

Good stuff - LICL received a large group of new members yesterday.  These men, women and children stretched from one side of the altar rail to the other.  Some found us through the internet while others were brought by a friend.  Some admitted that they were "church shopping," but stopped shopping after worshiping with us.  One common theme - all were attracted by the warmth of the people of our congregation. This has to be a secret of growing churches - make people feel welcomed.  A warm greeting will enable a visitor to relax and help them be much more ready to hear the good news of Jesus' life, death and resurrection for the salvation of the world.

Our Nurturing Team hosted a New Member Luncheon following the late service.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship and many connections were made by the new folks joining our church family.  I just can't thank our Nurturing Team enough for the the joy and care they bring to all of these gatherings.

Good stuff - the curse does not strike the Arizona Cardinals! On Friday I wrote of my fear that something bad was going to happen to the Cardinals because they had landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  It seems that any time a favorite team or player ends up being featured on SI's cover a loss or injury is just around the corner.  The Cardinals defense was awesome and the offense did just enough to outscore Detroit.  9-1...who saw this coming for the Cardinals?  Next up - Seattle.  The Seahawks are tough to beat on their home field but Arizona just may have the right stuff to bring home a road victory.

Today provides an opportunity to kick back and take a short break before the "busy-ness" begins all over again.  It's nice to enjoy these moments when life slows down, noise is replaced by quiet and praise and thanksgiving can be offered to a loving and gracious God for all the "good stuff" that happens in our lives.