Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Day Off

Monday is my day off and it was a fun and productive day.

8:30 am - Golf with one of our Deacons, Danny Baker.  We've been playing together for a number of months now (although we did take a summer break - too hot to play golf!) and really enjoy a nine hole course in Glendale.  We've probably played our worst round yesterday and still had a good time.

10:15 am - A quick look-see of the book section at my favorite Savers store. No bargains were to be found.

11:30 am - Doctors appt.  At least no blood was taken this time!

12:30 pm - Lunch while watching an episode of "New Tricks," a British detective show that I've come to rally enjoy.

1:30 pm - Power Nap!

2:00 pm - I spent a couple of hours looking over the Advent texts I'll preach in December and have come up with a tentative sermon series entitled "The News at Advent."  The working titles for each of the texts:

  "You have to hear the bad news to appreciate the good news" - Dec. 6
  "There's more to the news than meets the eye" - Dec. 13
  "The news makes you jump for joy" - Dec. 20
  "The best news of all" - Dec. 24

4 pm - I continued reading a book entitled, "The Girl on the Train," by Paula Hawkins.  This thriller spent months at the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List.  I'm starting to see why.

5:30 pm - My youngest daughter, Katie, her husband, Josh, and their two kids are spending the Thanksgiving holiday with us.  We enjoyed dinner together and playing with the two grandbabies. Josh and I also watched the second half of Monday Night Football, hoping that New England would be beaten by Buffalo.  Didn't happen.

10 pm - Lights out