Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Downton Abbey - I Get It!

It seemed that my dear, sweet wife and I were the only ones in America who were not watching Downton Abbey, the PBS television show that presents what life was like in Victorian England in the early 20th century.  The show recently began its sixth season and we've been told over and over again, "You have to watch it from the start to really understand what's going on."

So while checking the DVD shelves at the local Savers last week I happened upon seasons one and two of the program.  I rushed home and Sherri and I started watching season one, episode one.  And within 15 minutes or so, we were hooked!

To me it is simply the best written television program I've ever watched.  The cast is large and yet Julian Fellows, the creator and writer, seamlessly weaves different story lines for each of the characters.  It seemed as though there were plot surprises in each episode, ones which neither Sherri or I saw coming.  When we finished the first episode we had to go on to number two right away.

We finish season one last night and as the credits were rolling Sherri said, "You'd better find seasons three, four and five quickly!"

Back to Savers!