Thursday, July 21, 2016

Greeting card philosophy

One of my dear, sweet wife's favorite things to do is to shop for greeting cards.  She can spend hours (or so it seems) walking up and down the rows of cards at places like Hallmark, examining cards like a jeweler might look for fine diamonds.She is always happy to show me her "finds" and to tell me who she had in mind when she picked out the card.

One card which she had purchased for a dear friend included this sentiment: Good friends know your stories.  Great friends were there when it happened.

During our vacation this summer we had the chance to spend a few days with three of my classmates from seminary and their wives.  When we started our journey together we had no idea where it would take us all.  As we gather each year we often stroll down memory lane, talking about those experiences that have shaped our lives to this day.

While telling the stories we are reminded that those dear friends played a part in many of those stories.  They were there to offer encouragement or to wipe away tears.  They rejoiced as we rejoiced and mourned as we mourned.  Through it all some great friendship have been made.

Today, take a moment to pray and give thanks for the great friends that you have.  Praise the Lord that they were there...for you.