Monday, July 18, 2016

WELS Mobile

This year's summer vacation took us on a three week trip to the outer banks of North Carolina; then on to Stateville, NC (a suburb of Charlotte) to link up from friends from the Seminary I attended; then on to Green Bay,  Wisconsin to be with my youngest daughter and her family.

Because of the length of the trip my dear, sweet wife and I resolved to try and pack as lightly as possible.

Still, I had to bring a couple of books with me.  My iPod and headphones were a must.  But what about a Bible? What about my devotional materials?

Then I suddenly remembered (I am a little slow on the uptake!) - I have a Bible app on my phone so I'll have God's Word with me.  Then I remembered something else I had downloaded to my phone.

The Wisconsin Synod has developed a new app called WELS Mobile.  It's free! And it's perfect for the traveler who wants to meditate on a God-inspired message each day.

So each morning I would grab my phone and do three things.  Read the Christ-centered devotion, which are really well done (they also have an audio version if that's more to your liking).  Then, there is a daily Scripture reading (currently going through Ezra).  And then there is a feature called "Worship Helps," which lists the upcoming pericope for Sunday and poses some questions and answers about each of the texts.

There are a few other features of the app that are nice but I really appreciated the big three listed above.  Each morning I would try to find a quiet place and go to the app.  And I didn't miss my books even once.

Since getting back home a couple of weeks ago I've continued to use the app.  It's enriched my devo time.  I'd encourage you to check this out and see if it doesn't help you draw closer to your Lord and Savior.

And did I mention that it's free?