Saturday, June 8, 2013

My favorite singer!

Here I am with my favorite singer, Nicole Lingenfelter Ho.  I've known Nicole for about seven years now.  She is an amazing vocalist and has the chops, in my opinion, to have competed and won American Idol (yeah, a huge boast but I'm pretty sure I'm right!).  She serves in our armed forces now but anytime she is in town, we just have to have her sing in church.
Keeping the beat is Dan Seabreeze, the best drummer in the Valley of the Sun.  Obscured by Nicole's music stand is the wonderful Connie Kanzler on piano.  She and Dan hold things together and cover my many mistakes.  Below, Nicole has assembled a choir of kids to help her sing "Rock of Ages."  (It's not the version you think!)  My two oldest grandsons are a part of the talented crew.