Thursday, November 7, 2013

Engraved on His hands

One of my first confirmation students used to write a lot of notes to herself.  She would make note of assignments for school, telephone numbers of people to call, jobs her mother wanted her to do and so on.  But my young student didn't use a notepad or a notebook.  She'd take her ballpoint pen and make these notes on her hands and arms.  One day she came into class looking like she had visited a deranged tattoo artist! Her hands and arms were covered in black, blue and red ink.  I asked her, "Tell me, why do you write all over yourself like that?"  She smiled and replied, "All of these notes are important and I don't want to forget a single one of them.  This is the way I remember what I'm supposed to do."

In the same way, the Bible tells us over and over again of an important truth - you are important to God.  Your salvation was so important to the Father that He did not leave that up to you.  That would have been a no-win proposition.  Instead, the Father sent His Son to make payment for your sin and to deliver you up to the Father, robed in His righteousness and holiness.  Because you are so important to the Lord, He says to you: See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands.  (Isaiah 49:16)

Think of it - you are remembered by God! Actually, the Lord has done much better than writing your name on His hand - you and all who belong to Him are engraved on His palms.  This engraving is permanent.  It matches the steadfast love that God has for each of His children.  So trust in God's promise.  Believe that He is with you and watches over you.  With eyes of faith, look at His hands!