Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Ocean of Forgetfulness

I've been spending too much time this week on something that is doing me no good.  I been reflecting on several situations from the past where my words and actions helped to ruin some relationships and friendships.  Now I find myself fill with regret.  I'm frustrated with myself and have used myself as a punching bag.  It's a terrible way to live.

That's why I want to share these words with you from Bo Giertz' devotional, "To Live With Christ."  Here are words of hope that have lifted my spirits.  Maybe they'll do something for yours too.

Still, we're struggling to reach the goal.  We have to forget what lies behind us, all our failures, all the things we shamefully admit in our confessions.  We have to throw it off and leave it by the wayside.  We don't have to drag it with us.  We can forget it because God Himself forgets it and lowers it into the ocean of forgetfulness where everything is swallowed up by His inexhaustible forgiveness.  (page 617)