Monday, November 4, 2013

Preach, preach and preach some more!

At Life in Christ we're in the process of crafting a job description for an associate pastor.  One of our Elders asked me what it was that I really wanted to do and what responsibilities would I see an associate pastor focusing on.  I pondered that question a few days and then came across the following in one of my journals.  I did not note who wrote it or where I found the quote.  But it summed up quite neatly my desire for ministry:

Preach; let others govern.  Preach; let other men organize.  Preach; let others raise funds...make a straight path between your pulpit and your study, on which the grass will never grow.

Nothing gives me more joy than preaching about Jesus.  The world needs to hear about His sacrificial love and His perfect redemption.  A truly blessed pastor is one in which his congregation doesn't expect him to lead the church council or to head a building project or organize a capital fund drive.  Preach Jesus, administer the sacraments, comfort the hurting and seek the lost - that's the calling of a pastor.  And that's enough.