Friday, April 25, 2014

A shout out for Connie and Mary!

Earlier this week we celebrated Administrative Assistants Week and I gave thanks for two people who make my life easier and more enjoyable - Connie and Mary.

Connie and I started working together almost eight years ago.  I was drawn to her infectious laugh and her joyful personality.  I've often wondered why folks like hanging around our office so much - it's because they like spending time with Connie.  She has saved me from making numerous mistakes.

Mary had previously worked as a secretary at another church and helps out several times a week.  Mary is a hard working, detailed kind of person and excels at everything she does.  She also has saved me from making numerous mistakes.

Our church is fortunate to have two talented servants of God working in our office.  God truly blesses our church through Connie and Mary!