Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Master, How Did We Fail You?

Tonight and tomorrow night Life in Christ presents a dramatic portrayal of DiVinci's "The Last Supper."  Tickets are free and you can get yours by calling 623-773-1234.

The presentation has been months in the making.  Mel Donaho, the director and writer of the play, recruited about 14 men from our congregation to participate.  Most of them had no acting experience.  But Mel has worked patiently with each man, helping them learn their part and building their confidence.  Last week's individual practices went exceptionally well and Mel was very excited to see the play coming together. 

I've seen some pictures of the staging and the set is simply awesome.  Dan Seabreeze worked on the set design and it is as good as anything you'll see in theatre in our area.  In fact, our sanctuary has been transformed into a theatre and our members will really be surprised (in a very good way).

Come and join us for tonight's presentation.  Call 623-773-1234 for ticket information.  Here's a wonderful opportunity to enhance your observance of Holy Week!