Monday, May 5, 2014

A new opportunity

For some people going to the dentist is more pleasurable than attending a church voters meeting.  At least the dentist isn't trying to inflict pain (at least I don't think so!). 

But voters meetings can be very painful.  God's people sometimes say and do things that they'd never think of doing at home or at work or among friends.  The behavior isn't very Christ-like at times.

But yesterday wasn't one of "those" voters meetings at Life in Christ.  We gathered together to discuss the possibility of acquiring some property to expand our church campus.  The turnout was wonderful.  It demonstrated that many are concerned about their church and that we continue to give the Lord the opportunity to grow our ministry. 

The Facility Planning Committee gave a very fine presentation.  They described the options and the impact depending on whether we stood pat with where we are or if we decided to expand the campus.  The questions asked by the congregation were on point and the discussion was helpful.

Finally, it was time to vote.  Should we take advantage of an opportunity that would give us a chance to better serve our church family and expand our outreach to the community? The voters said yes! By a margin of 130 to 2 it was decided to move forward and acquire the property.

It made this pastor feel really good to see our church work well together.  We've still got lots to do.  No doubt there will be difficult and challenging days ahead.  May the Lord continue to lead us so that we keep on reaching our community with His love and forgiveness.