Friday, May 9, 2014

Still my kids!

My kids are all grown up and they each have their own kids.

But my kids are still my kids and I still feel that fatherly pride when they do well at home or at work or wherever.

My son is working through a graduate program and received a nice email from the instructor, informing him that he pulled the top grade in the class and that his work had been exemplary.

Eric forwarded the email to me with a note indicating that he didn't want to appear boastful but that his grade and the praise in the email had made him feel really good.

I remember the good old days when Eric would come home with a paper or test score he was really proud of or how he would tell me about his successful exploits on the ball diamond or basketball court.  Naturally, I was chuffed to hear of his successes and victories.

And I'm still proud of him (and of my girls, too!).

Way to go, Eric!