Saturday, May 10, 2014

Savor the good times

Last night my dear, sweet wife and I had the chance to have dinner with my youngest daughter and her husband.

Normally that would not be much of a big deal.  But now it is.  They're planning on moving out of state next month.

A new job opportunity has arisen, too good to turn down.  I know the feeling.  I once moved the family back to the Midwest for what seemed like a really good opportunity.

Still, it's hard to see them leave.

We're spoiled.  We've had all our kids nearby since Sherri and I moved back to AZ in 2005.  Sunday dinner with the whole family has become the norm.  Our house has often taken on a zoo-like appearance but who cares! What can be better than to spend time with your kids and grandkids.

So we've decided to savor the good times.  And in the future, when we're able to visit and spend time together, those good times will be even more meaningful.

And all the while, we pray that our gracious God keep watch over all our kids...wherever they may be.