Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Shout Out for "Mom's Night Out"

If you're the kind of person who is drawn to rooting for the underdog, then the film, "Mom's Night Out," is for you.

You can root for this film because it's a clean comedy.

You can root for this film because it sympathizes with Moms who try so hard to make life work and feel like failures when it doesn't.

You can root for this film because it portrays people of faith in a positive light.

It's for those reasons listed above that most movie critics have trashed this film.

I read one review that criticized the movie for not being the typical raunchy comedy that fills most movie screens (think: "Bridesmaids").

Another review opined that the movie slammed all Mothers except those who stay home.  That is simply untrue.

And several reviews seemed to object to the film simply because a few scenes took place at church.

I know how hard life can be for Moms.  Their expectations are super high.  Their aim is for perfection.  That target is impossible to hit every time.

Here is a film that offers real encouragement.  It provides some hope for those Moms who are frustrated with themselves and their lives.

Know such a person? Encourage them to see a movie in which they'll laugh and maybe cry and leave the theater knowing that being a Mom is the most worthwhile vocation in the world.