Friday, June 27, 2014

Looking ahead

We had a wonderful time at our Meet and Greet event at Life in Christ last night.  Our congregation had the opportunity to see the candidate for our Associate Pastor position, a young pastor and his family.

We were all impressed with this pastor's sincerity.  He loves the Lord and demonstrated a sense of real joy as he talked about telling others of Jesus' compassion and love.  He is very gifted but also very humble.  He gave us all the sense that he could complement the ministry of our church as opposed to being something of a maverick who might seek to pursue his own agenda rather than helping the church seek to full its mission statement.

Our congregation will hold a Voters Meeting in a couple of weeks to decide whether or not to call this individual as Associate Pastor.  We'll be praying for the Holy Spirit's direction and guidance as we consider this call.  We know that this pastor will be doing the same.  Won't you join us?