Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cherish the quiet

Last week was a very long and very stressful week for me.

I really looked forward to having a day off yesterday.  And I determined that it would be a quiet day.

No television (except during the lunch hour to watch English football team, Liverpool, play).  No music.  No iPads and no iPods.

I read.  I rested.  I relaxed.

It was wonderful.

I finished one book and starting reading two others (one for review which will be posted later on this blog).

I went over my stack of 52 verse cards making sure I had them memorized.  I also realized what a blessing it has been to spend time treasuring God's Word.  Over the past few weeks many of these verses have come to mind, offering the comfort and help that God gives to His children.

I spent time praying some of the Psalms, finding my voice in the words of David.

It was a good day.

I know that for many of you, carving out a day or even a few hours for a time of quiet rest and meditation seems like a pipe dream.

Still, I encourage you to look for ways to slow down and let God catch up with you.

Look for times when you can turn off the TV in the evening and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Grab even a few minutes in the morning after the kids have gone off to school or before you begin another day at work.

Read a psalm.  Meditate on a 52 verse card.  Have a word with the Lord.

If it is at all possible, cherish the quiet.