Friday, August 21, 2015

Top 10 Comments Pastors Never Hear While Greeting People After the Service

10) "Pastor, it must be hard to write a sermon that connects with such a large and varied group of people.  Good job!"

9) "I love the nice, unhurried way that communion is served in our church."

8) "Do you think the organist could play a little louder? I think we'd really sing out!"

7) "The temperature is the sanctuary today was perfect!"

6) "Someone was sitting in my pew today, Pastor.  I gladly found another place to sit."

5) "I'm glad you're willing to remind us to be generous with our tithes and offerings."

4) "Pastor, the men's room was out of toilet paper this morning.  But don't worry, I replaced it."

3) "I love to sing hymns with eight verses!"

2) "Today you preached for 20 minutes.  I wish you'd gone on longer."

And the number one comment pastors never hear while greeting people after the service:

1) "Don't you just love the sound of crying babies in the church?"