Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Have you ever suddenly lost a loved one or had a retirement nest egg evaporate or felt the pain of a messy divorce?

You need to meet Clayton King.

King, author of "Stronger - How Hard Times Reveal God's Greatest Power," offers a variety of stories from his own life to demonstrate how God's power and presence can see a person through the most difficult or hurtful tragedy.

Over the course of 10 chapters, King describes how God upheld him through the passing of family members, the pressure of building and leading a growing ministry and trying to be a loving husband and father, just as his father had been to him and his family.

King makes it clear that no one is exempt from trouble.  But he offers hope as he writes, "What we crave deep down in our hearts is the presence of a companion who walks with us through whatever we have to endure.  God himself promises to be that companion, and he also sends us lots of other people as his little ambassadors to hold our hands and lift us up when it feels like the wheels are coming off our lives."  (pages 91-92)

King has seen plenty of trouble in his life.  Through the power of God in his life, Clayton King has been made "stronger."

"Stronger - How Hard Times Reveal God's Greatest Power" is published by Baker Books.