Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dispatch and Match

When I was ordained and installed as a parish pastor I was once told by an older brother pastor, "I can sum up your work in three words - hatch, match and dispatch!"

He was referring to three of the things that pastors do - baptize babies (and adults too!), perform marriages and conduct memorial services.

I'll do two of the three today.  At 1 pm the LICL church family will gather for the Memorial Service of Ruth Donaho.  Ruth essentially wrote the service and it will feature much singing.We pray that God's Word comfort Ruth's husband, Mel, during this day of mourning.

Then at 5:30 pm off site I will perform the Marriage Service of Nicole Lingenfelter and Justin Ulrich. Nicole has sang often our church, blessing us with her beautiful voice.  It will be an honor for me to participate in her wedding to Justin.

Don't forget that Life in Christ will have a Communion Service at 5 pm and two worship services tomorrow at 8 and 10:45 am.  Join us for worship at Life in Christ!