Monday, October 26, 2015

Love Casts Out Fear

I don't know Brother Nathan.  But I very much admire him.

We believers in America know of persecution.  And yet, we have not yet felt the kind of persecution and hatred that believers in the Middle East feel and deal with every day.

"Love Casts Out Fear," published by Baker Books, offers a first hand account of what it is like being in the religious minority, of suffering on account of Christ, of knowing what is it like to trust the Lord every day with your life.

Learn what it's like to live in a small, Middle Eastern village.  Feel the pain of losing a parent who is gunned down by Muslin extremists.  Experience the desire for getting revenge from those who took away a loved one.

Read of how God replaced the desire for revenge with the peace that passes all understanding. Learn what it's like to trust that the Lord will really provide for all your needs.  Marvel at how a ministry that began with few resources has reached out with the love of God into parts of the world controlled by those who wish to destroy Christian believers.

"Love Casts Out Fear" truly is a "can't put it down" kind of book.  Read it and you'll admire Brother Nathan too.