Thursday, October 29, 2015

Top Ten Signs You're In a Bad Boy Scout Troop

No, I did not write this one but it really cracked me up.  Drum roll, please...

10) You get a merit badge for picking the trifecta at Aqueduct

9) You help old ladies across the 101

8) First rule in handbook: "Blame the kid who can't speak English."

7) You're part of a very special troop called the Gambino family

6) To become an Eagle Scout, you have to catch and eat a bald eagle

5) Because he can't get time off, the troop leader holds meetings in his Century 21 office

4) You get busted for selling knot-tying secrets to Russian Boy Scout troops

3) The Scoutmaster hands out his favorite campfire treat - Marlboro Lights

2) The troop motto: "Be lie on the witness stand."

And the number one sign that you're in a bad Boy Scout Troop?

1) Every year, you have to put on a skirt and go door-to-door selling cookies