Saturday, April 2, 2016

Practice, practice, practice

Yesterday, Connie, our office administrator extraordinaire, experienced her kind of day.

Our little musical group, of which she is the rock while playing the piano, practiced four songs for one hour and 25 minutes!

We had a new bass player sitting in with us, a multi-talented guy named Dale, a friend of Dan, our drummer.  Since the music was pretty new to Dale we worked on each arrangement and practiced each song until Dale felt confident with his part.

By the end of the practice we sounded pretty good.  And Connie was very happy.

So join us this afternoon for our 5 pm, Evening Prayer service at LICL.  We'll provide the music and Deacon Jerry Klink will proclaim God's Word.

Or join us tomorrow for worship at 8 and 10:45 am with Bible classes for all ages at 9:20 am.

As you arrive you'll notice construction fence on the north and west sides of the building.  The new entry way will be made next week and work on the new music room is to get started soon as well.

Exciting days for sure at Life in Christ.  Worship with us this weekend, won't you?