Thursday, September 8, 2016

Now where did I put my crystal ball?

I need it - now! Michele and I have jumped back into the football pool!

How's the water? I'll let you know at the end of the year! I've lost track of the number of years that I've been Michele's football picks expert.  The only thing I've proven up to this point is that I'm no expert!

We've had some success.  I'm pretty sure that we've won at least once each year.  We've had a few years where we've done better than that.  It makes me happy when Michele has bragging rights at work.  "Lord it over them," I say to Michele.

At first I think Michele got some flack from her co-workers.  "Your pastor is making your picks? That's not fair! God will grant him favor over the rest of us."  The years have shown that God isn't playing any favorites in this pool.  I haven't received a divine revelation on how to pick a troubling game.  It would help but apparently God has more important matters on His mind.

Nor have I developed a special system for making the picks.  I used to study like mad the records of each team, including their home and away records.  I went through the paper every day trying to pick up on injuries regarding key players.  I searched the internet for the picks of those who lived, ate and slept football.  You'd think that all that work would have resulted in weekly success.  Instead, it just caused weekly frustration after someone else won that week's pool.

If there is any one factor that I pay attention to it is this - which team is the home team.  I read a book a few years ago called "Scorecasting," that detailed how the home field does provide a distinct advantage, and not just in football but in most sports.  So if two teams seems to be evenly matched, I look to see who is hosting the game and go from there.

Wow! I wonder if I should have shared my secret?

Anyway, it's time for me to send my picks to Michele.  We've got a Thursday night game, a rematch between Carolina and Denver.  Will Denver prevail again or will Carolina exact a measure of revenge after last year's Super Bowl loss.  I don't really know so if you have any ideas email them to

Have your suggestions to me by noon.  Happy picking!