Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why is prayer so hard?

Yet, when you understand what God says in His Word, begin to live according to it, and teach it to others, then you'll face many temptations and frequent opposition.  Your corrupt human nature is an enemy of prayer. It quickly becomes bored, careless, and indifferent to what God says and the good life He gives.  For this reason, you will never have as much wisdom, knowledge of God's Word, faith, love, or patience as you should.  Every day your corrupt nature hangs around your neck and drags you away from prayer.  The world is also an enemy of prayer.  It's so envious that you have faith and God's precious Word that it refuses to put up with any of it, no matter how weak you may be.  The world condemns you, tries to take away what you have, and gives you no peace.

These are the two enemies of prayer: our corrupt nature and the world.  On the inside, they try to decrease our desire to pray, and on the outside, they try to chase us away from prayer.  All we can do is to continue crying out to God.  We should pray for strength and better understanding of His Word.

Martin Luther, "By Faith Alone," September 21