Friday, September 2, 2016

The ball broke what?

Today's Friday Funny is taken from the pages of Sports Illustrated.  These are not funny stories but they are things that made me laugh.  Hopefully, you'll get a chuckle as well.

First, how was it that Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, "over exaggerated" (his words) the story he told about being held up at gun point during a night on the town in Rio.  How did he put it? "It was hours later, so I was still intoxicated."  That explanation didn't hold up under scrutiny and has cost Lochte his reputation and many endorsement deals.  Not so much funny as just plain sad.

And then this: Sign Of The Apocalypse - Brandon Thomas, an outfielder for the independent Gateway Grizzlies, hit a grand slam during at 17-6 win over the Joliet Slammers on August 21, only to discover that the ball broke the windshield of his truck!

Have a great weekend!