Friday, January 6, 2017

Hello! Welcome to 2017!

So how is the new year going for you?

We had a blessed Christmas season with our family.  There was one exception - someone brought a virus into our house and before we knew it, 14 or 18 family members were stricken with it.  Only lasted a day or so but those particular 24 hours were pure misery (I will skip the details).

At church we celebrated with joy the birth of our Savior.  Singing "Silent Night" in a sanctuary bathed in candlelight is always a memorable experience.  And we began the new year by considering a resolution that makes sense - be like Joseph, who heard the Word of God and obeyed it.  Jesus called those who do so, "blessed."  This is a resolution worth keeping.

Today, is Epiphany.  This is a word that means, "appearing."  During this time in the church year we celebrate the appearing of Jesus, who brings light into this world of darkness and sin.  Starting the new year by seeking to walk in the light of forgiveness, love and peace that Jesus gives is what His disciples strive to do.

Our new Christian Life Center is finished but unoccupied.  Apparently, some important paperwork was not given to Maricopa County as was required.  So now we wait while these documents are under review.  Please pray with us that the paperwork is in order and that we will soon receive our occupancy permit.

A blessed new year to you!