Friday, April 7, 2017

Top Ten Dumb Things Pastors Say

As a pastor you're always expected to have a comment, a quip or a word of encouragement for every member.  Try as we do, sometimes our responses are just plain dumb.  Here are the top ten...

10) "Your Aunt Betty's potato salad tasted like something I once ate that made me sick."

9) "I try to avoid speaking about politics.  I simply ask the Lord to send us leaders who will make America great again."

8) "Yes, my birthday is coming up soon.  By the way, did you know that I've never been to the Holy Land?"

7) "I think the men's restroom is the perfect place for Mrs. Johnson's painting of George Washington and Jesus crossing the Potomac."

6) "I think our pot just ran out of luck."

5) "Any hymn written after the 16th century is not worth singing."

4) "You bought a new boat? I guess you won't be increasing your tithe this year."

3) "Aren't you glad that when you get to heaven you'll have perfect pitch?"

2) "I believe Dr. Dobson has written several books for parents who have out-of-control kids."

And the number one dumb thing pastors say (drumroll please)

1) "When's the baby due?"