Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We interrupt this blog...

Moving can be a hazardous business.  Especially when you have a bad back.  Especially when a bulging disc is acting up again.

Anyway, we're having the offices re-carpeted at church this week.  This is the last 1% that needs to be completed.  Then our building project is officially done.

While this is a necessary task, I've been dreading it.  This pretty well disrupts our usual routine. Projects that I hoped to complete this week aren't going to happen.  At this point we're hoping we can cover the basics - like have worship services completed for Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday, we were putting the final touches on moving the offices so our carpet guys could get started.  I didn't feel like I'd done that much.  But while eating lunch I felt a pain that drove me to my knees.  I did lots of ice in the afternoon and my dear sweet wife applied lots of icy-hot in the evening. It was hard to sleep.  More ice and icy hot this morning seems to be loosening my back a bit and at least I can stand up now without more pain in my back and radiating down my right leg.

All of this reminds me again of just how much I need the Lord's mercy and help every day.  God is faithful.  He hears our prayers.  Thanks be to God for a little relief!