Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm dreaming of Gelato!

On our first night in Rome we took an evening walking tour.  Our expert guide promised at one point we would stop and she would treat us with some Gelato.  My dear, sweet wife and I experienced our first Gelato tasting during a trip to Europe 10 years ago and found it to be the most delicious treat we'd ever eaten.

We were not disappointed.  Gelato is the Italian word for "ice cream."  Unlike most American versions, Gelato is soft and rich.  Good Gelato is never frozen.  From this night forward, every evening we would make sure we had Gelato - actually Sherri insisted that we get a cone or a cup, no matter how much we had eaten at dinner.  I was very happy to go along with the plan.

On this particular night you can see from the photo above that we stopped at a place that had more than 31 flavors.  Sherri and our traveling friends, Dan and Janelle, got very creative in mixing flavors.  I loved trying all the different flavors of chocolate.  Mmmmm!

Because of our nightly Gelato run I am back on Weight Watchers.  Do I regret all the Gelato I ate? Is President Obama a Republican? Now you get me.