Thursday, August 21, 2014

Photos in my locker

I discovered an interesting article in our local paper's sports page.  It told how the football coach over at ASU had encouraged his players to put a picture in their locker of a person who was an inspiration to them.  He hoped that seeing those pictures each day would motivate his players to give their all in honor of that person who had impacted their lives so much.

I got to thinking about this and realized that I wouldn't be able to put just one photo in my locker.  I could cover an entire locker with pictures of people who have helped and inspired me over my life time! But if I were limited in some way, the photos of the following would be on display:

My dear, sweet wife, Sherri.  She's not only my wife but my best friend.  I see Jesus in the sacrificial love and compassion and care that she gives to me, our family, her students and even to total strangers.  Every day is just one more opportunity for me to give thanks to God for blessing me with such a wonderful and loving wife.

My three kids - Stephanie, Eric and Katie (and also their spouses and their kids).  From the moment of their births, these three have given me great, great joy.  They were long-suffering during times when I wasn't the most patient or understanding father.  It is a good day when all the kids and grandkids are here for a visit.  Thanks be to God for giving me such wonderful gifts.

My pastor, Rev. David Schultz.  He is the one who inspired me to want to be a pastor.  Watching him use the Scriptures to save and help and correct others amazed me.  A lot of what I do in ministry I borrowed from Pastor Schultz.  I will never be the Bible teacher or evangelist that he is.  Thanks to God for connecting me to a pastor who really took an interest in me at a time when I needed a strong influence in my life.

How about you? Whose picture or pictures would you hang in your locker? Maybe you can put these pictures up on your refrigerator at home or in some area where you work? Give it a try and see if such photos don't provide inspiration for you.