Friday, August 15, 2014

What I Did On My Blog Vacation

Hello everybody!

When I was in school it seemed that every new school year the first writing assignment was to describe what you did on your summer vacation.

Since I've been on a blog vacation for the past month I guess I'll share what I've been up to.

My blog vacation coincided with my summer vacation from work - clever how I worked that out, eh?  My dear, sweet wife and I traveled with a classmate of mine from seminary and his lovely wife.  For about a year we had been planning a trip to Italy and Germany.  It would be their 25th wedding anniversary and Sherri and I would be going along for the ride.

We had a fabulous trip.  Spent time in Rome, Florence and Venice.  Enjoyed a few days in the wine country of Chianti.  Ate too much great Italian food and drank too much great Italian wine.  (Weight Watchers, here I come!)

We wrapped up our trip with several days in Garmish, Germany.  We loved the beauty of the Alps, the cooler temps, and great German food and beer.

You'll see pictures from our trip from time to time but I'll try not to bore you with all the minutiae - "Ooh! Look at all the pigeons gathered in St. Mark's Square!" (Or maybe you'd find that interesting? Dear me!)

We also got to see Paul McCartney in concert the other night in Phoenix.  At 72 years of age the man is a wonder.  He performed a nearly 3 hour show, sang over 30 Beatles, Wings and solo hits and never took a break and never drank a sip of water.  Amazing!

I've been back to work for over a week now.  Our congregation is awaiting a response from Pastor Marcus Breitbarth to learn if he will be coming to serve as our Associate Pastor.  And we are considering a building expansion project that our congregation will be making a final decision on very soon.

So there you have it.  My blog vacation was great.  I hope your vacation (blog or otherwise) was equally wonderful!