Saturday, February 28, 2015

Don Wharton in Concert!

Peter, James, John and the rest were enrolled in Discipleship 101.  Their teacher? The Lord Jesus. They pass the class by answering the question on the final exam: "Who do you say I am?"  Peter answered for the 12: "You are the Christ!"

But after a 101 class there is usually a 102 and the disciples learn that the next class will be more difficult and most challenging.  Join us this weekend to learn more.  I'll be preaching at both the 5 pm Saturday service and the two services on Sunday at 8 and 10:45 am.  Christian Life (Learning Is For Everyone) Hour begins at 9:20 am.

And don't miss Don Wharton in concert at LICL on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm.  Don is a singer/songwriter who never fails to bring excitement and humor to all his appearances.  He's easy to listen to and his songs inspire and point to the grace and mercy of God.  The concert is free but an offering in support of Don's ministry will be taken.  Come and join us for a great concert at 3 pm at Life in Christ!