Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's Monday!

No, I'm not confused.  I know today is Tuesday.  But Monday is my day off from work.  So Tuesday always feels like Monday.

Coming into the office on Tuesday is always interesting.  It's obvious that everyone there got started on their stuff 24 hours before.  I always feel like I have to catch up.  It makes for a pretty busy day.

I remember the days when I was essentially an 8 to 5, Monday through Friday employee.  You drove home on Friday and had the whole weekend laid out in front of you.  Maybe there would be pizza with the kids that evening; projects around the house or maybe a basketball or softball game on Saturday; on Sunday you'd go to church and Sunday school, have some family over for dinner, take a nap, help the kids get ready for school and then hit the sack.  Then, "Hello, Monday!"

You've probably heard the old joke about pastors working only one day a week - Sunday? If that were really the case there would be more pastors! No, the pastors I know work many hours each week.  They make many sacrifices to serve their congregations.  I can't remember how many teacher's conferences, games and other events my kids had going while I was off attending a meeting or visiting with a family or sitting at the bedside of a suffering member.

And most pastors do this work gladly.  What can be better than serving the Lord, sharing His gifts of grace, being involved with individuals and families during the times when they need the comfort and reassurance from the Lord the most.  Most pastors do this at any time and at any day of the week.

So I'll be back in the office today.  My daytimer shows a very busy week.  Tuesday-Thursday will be three long days with classes and meetings in the evening.  Lent is just around the corner and that will add to the work load.  A number of folks told me they'd be calling for an appointment this week.  And somewhere during the week Connie, Dan, Ron and I will need to practice some music for Sunday.

I'd better stop typing and get ready for work.  It's going to be a busy Monday, er, Tuesday!