Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I just deleted an article

Earlier today I posted some comments about a story in the local paper that really bothered me.

A book review of "A Warrior's Faith," by Robert Vera speaks of the Arizona connection with the subject of the book, Ryan Job.

The subtitle of the book is: "Navy SEAL Ryan Job, a Life-Changing FireFight and the Belief That Transformed His Life."

The book is published by Thomas Nelson, a company well known for owning a large share of the Christian book market.

I assumed that the book was about Job's Christian faith.

The book review has nothing to say about faith, unless the focus in faith is on one's self.  And it appears that Job overcame an obstacle that would have crushed the spirit in most people.

I assumed that the book review neglected to tell about Job's Christian faith.

So after writing and posting a blog article lamenting what seems to be the fear of Jesus by today's media, I went looking for stories about Job and the book.

I didn't do an exhaustive search.  Just don't have the time.

But the reviews and comments about the book that I did find didn't seem to emphasize a Christian faith.  I couldn't find anything about Job's beliefs about God or Jesus and anything like that.

So I don't know what kind of book "A Warrior's Faith," really is.

You know what they say about the world, "assume?"

I made an assumption, wrote on that assumption, but now I'm not sure that what I wrote was accurate.

So I deleted the article.

Learned a lesson.

Don't write about you don't know about.  Get the facts first.  Get the facts straight.

Seems like those were the rules I learned when I took journalism classes in college.

Too bad I didn't remember them this morning.