Monday, December 7, 2015

And all through the house

Our cat, Glory, loves to hang out under the Christmas tree.  She wouldn't mind if we kept the tree up all year.

Our other cat, Tiddy, has staked out a hiding place in the deepest recesses of our bedroom closet.  He doesn't like the little ones who are staying with us this month.

My youngest daughter, Katie, and her youngest son, Duke (6 months old) are hunkered down on one of the Lazy-Boy recliners.  Duke loves nothing more than to sleep on his Momma's chest.

Katie's other son, Drew (3 years old) is sitting in front of the tv watching "Handy Manny" on the Disney Channel.  He also has his own set of Handy Manny tools.  Katie found them at a yard sale and bought them for a pittance.  On line these tools are really expensive - they must cost as much as real tools!

Sherri is in the kitchen making cookies for the Bible class she teaches to nursing students at GCU.  It is probably the best part of the day.

Me? Getting ready to get in the shower and go to work.  Caught the cold bug that Drew and Duke brought from Wisconsin.  Barely able to squeak out the sermon yesterday.  Another busy week is set with meetings to plan for, a sermon to write and friends coming into town for the Cardinals/Vikings football game (go Cardinals!).

God bless your week (and your house)!