Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Maybe this should happen more often

Last Thursday evening I started to come down with a cold. I stayed home Friday and rested.  Felt better on Saturday.  Taught a membership class session, took care of some things I would have done on Friday and went home.

Then, quite suddenly, something happened that I had not planned for.

I started losing my voice.

I wasn't too concerned.  I figured with a good night's rest I'd be in strong voice by morning.

Boy, was I wrong.

I could barely croak.  Fingernails on chalkboards would have been a more pleasant sound.

I thought, "This is really going to be a disaster.  Who in the world is going to get anything out of my sermon?"

Turns out, lots of people did.  In fact, the feedback for the sermon was as positive as any I've given in 10 years at Life in Christ.

Turns out that because my voice was so weak and scratchy people really had to listen to what I was saying.

With people dialed in, God's message of bad news and good news, of Law and Gospel, was heard.

The Law condemns. The Gospel saves.

And as long as the two great messages of the Bible are proclaimed, in just that order, listeners will hear and rejoice in God's great love for them in Christ Jesus.

Even if the speaker has no voice at all.

And maybe that's very good.

Then, the people will hear the voice that really counts - God's voice as heard through His Holy Word.