Friday, January 29, 2016

It's been a good week

On Monday evening we learned that Pastor Loel Haak was called home by the Lord.  Even in the midst of grief we thank the Lord for His perfect timing and are comforted by the promise that in the resurrection of the dead, we will be reunited with Loel and will spend eternity with him and the communion of saints praising the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the world.

I've marveled as so many of our church family have stepped up to help with preparing for tomorrow's Memorial Service for Loel.

Our Building Committee had plans for this weekend.  Our hope was to move everything out of the Ed. Building on Saturday.  Because the Memorial Service was set for Saturday, the Committee changed their plans without one complaint.  A great group of people, indeed.

Last night's Bible Class really dug into the idea of "inheritance" as is presented in Joshua.  Good questions, good discussion and much encouragement from God's Word.

Connie Kanzler, our lead Administrative Assistant, never seems to have an easy week of work.  How she keeps smiling and maintaining her good humor is a testimony to her faith in and love for her Savior.

Today, we'll put the finishing touches on tomorrow afternoon's service.  I'll also prepare for the Committal Service that will take place tomorrow morning.  Ash Wednesday is fast approaching so there is service planning to be done.  There are also calls to make on those who are ill or suffering.

All in all, I'm praying for a good Friday.  I hope you have one too.