Monday, January 11, 2016

Your Light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

We have entered that time in the church year called Epiphany.  The word reminds us that all people are drawn to the light of God and come to worship Him as He reveals Himself in Jesus Christ.  It was the wise men who followed a star to Bethlehem so they could see and worship the bright Morning Star, God's glory to the world.

In the Bible, salvation is synonymous with light, that salvation which dispels the darkness of the things that so often separate us from God - ignorance, sin and Satan.  To come to faith and repentance through the Gospel is to move from the darkness of death and into the Light of God's love for us in Jesus.

Bathed in this Light, we look to God's Word for help with life's problems and decisions.  God's rich forgiveness frees us to put aside the past and look to the future with hope.  God's Spirit produces the fruit of faith which always points back to Jesus, our Light who has come.

Have you ever been stuck at home during a power outage? It's is no fun stumbling in the dark, trying to light a candle or hoping to find a flashlight that works.  When the light is finally restored, you feel both joyful and thankful.  The season of Epiphany leaves us feeling the same way.  Joyful that the Light of the world has come to us, bringing His precious salvation.  Filled with thanksgiving, we let our lights shine before us so that the glory of God might be seen at work in our lives too.