Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What I did on my Christmas blog vacation

Well, here we are again.  Back from vacation and ready to start blogging again.

My dear, sweet wife and I, along with my youngest daughter and her family, left town on December 26 to spend a week in Carlsbad, Ca.  We were given a week at a time-share by one of our members - a very generous and special gift.  We had a great time together with many highlights.

My grandson, Drew, loved the beach and didn't mind that the water felt like it was 17 degrees below zero (I slightly exaggerate).  He loved building sandcastles, looking for sea shells and running in and out of the water.

My other grandson, Duke, about seven months old now, made every morning special for me.  His smile is infectious and he now sits up and can play with some of his toys (all of which go into his mouth).

My son-in-law, Josh, shares my love for the Az. Cardinals and we loved, loved, loved how the Cardinals demolished Green Bay (don't ask about the Seahawks game - too painful to even talk about).

My daughter, Katie, impresses me more and more each day.  Most mothers I know are multi-taskers and Katie is among the best.  How she gives her undivided attention to both boys is beyond me - I admire her greatly.

Sherri loved watching Drew play on the beach and welcomed the break from teaching at GCU.  She dealt with the effects of a cold and didn't let it spoil her fun.

I enjoy Carlsbad a lot.  Their downtown area boasts a number of neat shops and restaurants.  The pace is relaxed which doesn't bother me a bit.  And there is a CD store - Spin Records - which stocks a lot of hard-to-find music which is a real treat for me.  I spent a fair amount of Christmas money from my in-laws on some music I'd been searching for.

It was good to come back to the office on Monday.  This will be a super busy year at LICL, what with our new building project starting in a month or so.  We've been through this drill before so we know what to expect.  So with plenty of patience and prayer, we should be able to deal with the inconveniences while continuing to proclaim the love of God in Christ Jesus - the light of the world!

I pray that 2016 is a year full of God's blessings and surprises for you!