Friday, January 15, 2016

Our Christmas letter is finished!

At this point maybe it should be called "an Epiphany letter."

We enjoy receiving Christmas cards and always hope we find a letter and pictures in each envelope. It's a joy to read about the lives of family and friends.  As these letter find their way to our home we, in turn, do our best to get our Christmas letter in the mail.

But it didn't happen this year.

My excuse.  We were too busy.

But that's not much of an excuse.  Everyone is busy.

The only thing I can say in our defense is that we were busy.  But it was a "good" busy.

We were busy with our wonderful family.  We're blessed that two of our three kids still live in Phoenix.  Sunday afternoon is family time.  We eat together, enjoy the kids and grand kids and sometimes squeeze in a nap.

Our family is a big part of our lives.  When they need us, we're on the way.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

We were also busy with meaningful work.  Sherri is enjoying her 10th year as Assistant Professor of Nursing at GCU.  She has a passion for teaching and molding students into compassionate and caring nurses.

I'm blessed to have served 11 years now at Life in Christ.  We have a great ministry team and fine lay leadership.  The work in 2016 will not slow down and we'll do that work around a 2 million dollar building project that should launch in about a month.

Now, maybe a "good busy" is still not a good excuse for being late with a Christmas letter.

Would you believe that when we tore November from our calendar we took December with it and moved right on to January 2016?

I didn't think so.