Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Pack are Coming Back

I was really hoping that Washington would beat Green Bay in their playoff game last week.

Instead, after initially being a close game, the Packers pulled away and won easily.

Although they wouldn't say it, don't you think the Packer players really wanted to come back to Arizona?

The Cardinals humiliated the Pack a few weeks ago.  The Cardinals dominated play on both sides of the ball.  They tossed Aaron Rodgers around like a rag doll.

Green Bay will be ready to play on Saturday.

Will Arizona?

Our Cardinals got from Seattle what they gave to Green Bay two weeks ago.

The Seahawks really wanted the game.  They played with playoff intensity.

The Cardinals phoned it in.

Bruce Arians is a great coach.  His three year record as Cardinals coach is all the proof anyone needs.

But if Arizona is not ready to play and play hard, Green Bay will show no mercy.

They want to beat the Cardinals and they want to beat us bad.

We'll see what the Cardinals are made of Saturday night.

My rally cry? Turn the Pack back! Turn the Pack back!