Monday, March 21, 2016

Enjoy the quiet-celebrate the noise!

It's 7:15 am and I've been up for a little over an hour.  It's so quiet.  I've read my devotional book and have been giving thought to my Easter Sunday sermon. I've checked out Facebook and a few blogs I like to read.  These last 75 minutes have been wonderful.

We've not had too many moments like this recently.  My youngest daughter and her two boys have been with us for about two weeks.  In that time our other two kids and their kids have spent much time with us.  So the house has been rocking and rolling.  The noise level has resembled the frenzied crowd at an Arizona Cardinals game. I've been waiting for the neighbors to stop by and remind me that we're living in an active adult community where active children and toddlers are not tolerated!

My friends know me as someone who cherishes peace and quiet.  Monday is usually my day off. Sherri teaches on Monday so I've got the place all by myself.  Chilling is an essential part of maintaining good mental health (at least for me).

But I've come to realize that as much as I like peace and quiet, it's time to celebrate the noise!

How blessed I am to have most of my kids and grandkids nearby.  I know folks in our church whose children live hundreds, even thousands of miles away.  If they're lucky they get a visit a year.  They get a mere week or maybe two to spend time with the precious family members.

We see some of our kids and grandkids just about every Sunday.  My granddaughter, Emily, is very shy.  I thought I'd never connect with her.  But since she's here every Sunday, we've formed a very close bond.  I suppose it helps that I do every single thing she wants me to do.  But I've learned that this very shy girl is a very loving and very creative girl.  Would this have happened if she lived in St. Louis or Chicago or Orlando?

And the truth is, I'm not getting any younger.  I'm not going to be around forever.  I've heard some grandparents say, "I'm not really into little ones.  I'll wait until they get older and then I'll really enjoy them."  How foolish! None of us are guaranteed a certain number of years.  The Lord could call us home at any time.  Now is the appointed time to enjoy your family!

So I'll celebrate the noise.  I'll have time to read after Katie and kids leave.  We'll catch up on "Downton Abbey" in a couple of weeks.  Instead, I'll enjoy Drew's infatuation with firefighters.  I'll melt when Duke gives me a two-tooth grin.  I'll marvel when Luke and Ethan and Emily and Will join the fray.  With all the noise I may not be able to think.  But nothing will stop me from celebrating!