Saturday, March 5, 2016


Two thumbs up from my dear, sweet wife and me.

We saw the movie at the Harkins Arrowhead theatre and I would guess that at least a third of the seats were occupied for the 4:30 showing.  Now I know that doesn't sound impressive.  But we're used to going to faith-based films where there were maybe a half-dozen people in attendance.

What was impressive to us was the performance of Joseph Fiennes as the Roman Tribune tasked with finding the body of the missing Jesus.  Like a good detective, Fiennes' Clavius tracks down Jesus' followers.  He is struck by the calm peace of Mary Magdalene and taken aback by the giddy faith of Bartholomew.  Following the lead of a Jewish man in the know, Clavius finally discovers the place where the disciples are gathered.  He opens the door and gets the surprise of his life, which ultimately leads to a changed life.

Kudos to director, Kevin Reynolds, for remaining true to the Biblical record while weaving a true detective story that kept you on the edge of your seat, even if you had a pretty good idea of how the story would end.

As we left the theatre to make our way home we both had the feeling that we couldn't wait for Easter - our opportunity to celebrate with the entire Christian church on earth, the risen Jesus Christ, our redeemer from sin, our victor over death and our conqueror over the devil.

That is one of the joys of Easter, isn't it, to join our voices together with our brothers and sisters in Christ and exclaim: "He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!"