Thursday, May 12, 2016

Top Ten Signs Your Pastor Is Drinking Too Much Coffee

10) Has so much coffee before services he delivers his sermon like an auctioneer

9) Keurig machine sitting in place of where his computer used to be

8) Calls Coffee Hour the "Hour of the Third Sacrament"

7) Announces that all future Bible classes will be held at Starbucks

6) Preaches a sermon on the evils of "decaf"

5) Coffee stains spoil the look of his white "Easter" stole

4) Goes around asking people, "Whatever happened to Juan Valdez?"

3) Refers to himself as "a barista of the Word"

2) Creates a scene at LWML when unable to get "A tall, non-fat, latte with a caramel drizzle"

And the number one sign your pastor is drinking too much coffee?

1) Names his first born son "Folgers"