Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A fond farewell to Downton Abbey

This weekend my dear, sweet wife and I watched the last two episodes of the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey.

We were late arriving to the party, so to speak.  We didn't start watching the show until it had finished its run on PBS.  And we would probably still be ignorant of Downton Abbey had I not bought seasons one and two for $3.99 a piece at Savers.

It only took about 15 minutes of the first episode for us to be hooked, hopelessly hooked, on the program.  The first two season were watched in a week or so.  "Do you want to watch another?" we would ask each other.  The answer was always and firmly, "Yes!"

I knew nothing about Julian Fellows, the creator and writer of the series, before we began watching the show.  He is such a gifted and talented writer.  He knows how to use words.  He communicated timeless thoughts in no more than a sentence.  Sherri and I are going to watch the series again - very soon! I'm going to be watching with a notepad so I can write down some of the dialogue that I found so meaningful.

There were multiple story lines involving a multitude of characters.  And Fellows made us care for each one - from often hard hearted Lady Mary, who has a man die in her bed, to lady's maid, Anna, who was brutally abused later in the series.  The acting, from a large ensemble cast, was superb.

As we watched the credits roll following the last episode I felt as I often do when I finish a book that I really enjoyed.  There is kind of a bittersweet joy that is felt.  Joy that the book has been finished. But tempered by the knowledge that no more time will be spent with the characters that you had grown to love and care for.  You've lived with such people for a time but "the end" really means "the end."  It's hard when that little part of your life is taken away.

Hopefully, we'll be able to move on with our lives this week.  I wonder if there is a Downton Abbey Center for Withdrawal available? We might need it!